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Principal's Message

Welcome back to the 2023-2024 school year at Montmartre School!
I am excited to be returning to Montmartre School as your principal. I relish in the relationships I have already built with staff, students and community members, and am very much looking forward to building many more strong relationships within our school and community.  I feel very strongly that education is a team effort and in order to ensure the best possible success for our students, everyone – teachers, support staff, administration, parents and community members - must work together.  As an administrator, I believe more than ever that it is imperative to work with everyone involved to build and maintain a safe, orderly and accepting environment where all students, regardless of ability, can succeed to their fullest potential.  I strongly believe that together we can continue to build an enhanced school community and education platform for our students' personal success and well-being.
At Montmartre School we are Empowered, Accepting, Genuine, Leaders, Engaged and Safe, We will Strive, Overcome, Achieve and Respected.  This is our mission, our vision, our expectation and our responsibility. Our values of honesty, empathy, respect, responsibility and independence will be modelled, taught and expected from students, staff and our community.
Each students' skills and abilities are demonstrated in a variety of ways.  This is why it is important that at Montmartre School, we provide a variety of curricular and extra-curricular activities to foster, grow and showcase the tremendous talents of our students. We are creating the future!  The Montmartre School experience is more than just reading, writing and math; it is more than academics, attendance and activities.  The Montmartre School experience is an opportunity.  It is an opportunity to learn who you are, and be who you want to be.  It is an opportunity to develop balance, to be successful, to build confidence, to set and attain high expectation for yourself and others, to develop a love of learning, to be challenged and engaged, to value and respect diversity, to build independence and collaboration. The Montmartre School experience can change your life!
Please contact me at any time and become involved in any way that you are able.  Education truly is better when we work together! I am grateful for the opportunity to be the principal of our school.
Mrs. Janelle Forsyth